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Advanced Vehicles on the Market Today

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Greener vehicles are here - and they’re not just for environmentalists! They are “no-compromise” cars. As performance has soared, so has popularity. Advanced cars, SUVs, pickups, and buses offer better performance, more convenience, and lower driving costs. The Toyota Prius has received numerous awards including the “2004 North American Car of the Year.” The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has heralded hybrid vehicles and new clean gasoline vehicles as the “first fruit of California’s zero-emission program.” CARB has certified most hybrids as meeting their stringent AT-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicles) standards. Numerous gasoline vehicles with approximately $200 of additional pollution prevention technology have also been certified as PZEVs because they have zero evaporative emissions (which cause climate change) from the fuel tank. Additionally, car companies are selling flex fuel vehicles that can use either ethanol or gasoline, and vehicles that can run on natural gas. As for biodiesel and propane, all new diesel vehicles can use biodiesel when available, or they can be converted to propane power with a conversion kit. California’s program has been adopted by Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Vermont.

In addition, new electric bikes, scooters, and neighborhood vehicles offer new fun ways of getting around that are more friendly to the environment and reduce traffic congestion.



AT-PZEVs (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicles)
Hybrid Cars (Gasoline + electric)
Ford Escape Hybrid SUV
Honda Accord
Honda Civic Hybrid
Honda Insight
Lexus RX 400h luxury SUV
Lexus GS450h
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Toyota Prius
GM: Chevy Hybrid tucks
Coming Soon:
Nissan Altima Hybrid
Mazda Tribute HEV


Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEVs):
Gasoline cars with advanced pollution controls to cut evaporative emissions from tank
BMW: 325i models
Ford: Focus models
Honda: Accord models
Hyundai: Elantra
Mazda: MAZDA3
Mitsubishi: Galant models
Nissan: Altima and Sentra models
Subaru: Legacy and Outback models
Toyota: Camry models
Volkswagen: Jetta models



Many consumers are using biodiesel (from 20-100% blends with diesel) in diesel vehicles, or converting diesel vehicles to run on used vegetable oil. Several OEMs offer flex-fuel vehicles that can use either gasoline or ethanol. A new CNG home refueling station may make CNG cars more appealing to the consumer.

Biodiesel (B20 & B100)
When blended, 20% biodiesel and 80% diesel can be run in conventional diesel vehicles, though many people run 100% biodiesel and/or fryolator oil in retrofitted vehicles.


Ethanol Dual or Flex-Fuel vehicles can use E85, a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Almost 3 million have been sold in the US, but only a small percentage actually use ethanol.
Cadillac Escalade
Chevy: Avalanche, Tahoe & Silverado
DaimlerChrysler Sebring
Dodge Stratus
Ford:  F-150 pick-up & Taurus
GMC: Silverado, Savana, Yukon
Merceds-Benz: C 320 & 240
Mercury Sable FFV
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Cars: Honda Civic GX                               
Vans & Pickups available for fleet use
Propane (flexi-fuel)
Over 300,000 vehicles run on propane. Many are conversions.


All car companies have prototype hydrogen vehicles, many of them with
fuel cells. The ollowing have been delivered to customers: Honda FCX-V4, Toyota FCHV, and Mercedes-Benz Class-A car. BMW, Ford , Hyundai, and GM have ICE and fuel cell prototypes.


DaimlerChrysler’s Sprinter Van is the first plug-in hybrid prototye. Hymotion offers a conversion kit.

ELECTRIC VEHICLES are being produced by AC Propulsion, Commuter Car Corp., Dana Corp., Phoenix Motor Cars Inc., and Unversal Electric Vehicle.

For more information:




Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV), and electric bikes and scooters may revolutionize the way we think about how to get around in our communities. NEVs are licensed to travel on roads posted at 35 mph or less. They typically have a driving range of 40-60 miles. Electric vehicles also make excellent utility vehicles, from forklifts to zambonis. Some utilty vehicles for lawns, etc. are available for purchase by consumers, parks and colleges.


Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
Big Man
Cart Rite
Columbia ParCar
Dynasty Motor Corp: IT
Feel Good Cars: ZENN
Global Electric Motors (GEM)

Electric Utility Vehicles
Columbia Parcar Utilidump
John Deere
Rhoades Car
Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing



Electric bikes and scooters are sweeping through Asia - and interest in the USA is picking up especially for specialty or high-performance electric bikes. These vehicles are designed to offer new and exciting ways enhance personal mobility, while reducing the need for cars and larger highways.

Electric Bicyle, Motorcycle and Motor Scooter Manufacturers
Currie Technolgies, US ProDrive
eGO Vehicles
Electric Motion
EV Global Motor Company (EVG)
Giant Bicycle
Go Sporting Goods
Personal Electric Transport (PET)
Rabbit Tool USA
Razor USA
RunAbout Cycles





City buses, which historically have run on diesel, are a major source of air pollution that causes health problems for urban dwellers. Delivery vehicles, from large tractor trailers to box vans, have also traditionally run on diesel, as have garbage trucks and other heavy-duty utility vehicles. Today there are a growing number of companies that offer hybrid drive trains to bus companies, as well as numerous vehicles using CNG and biodiesel.


Alternative Fuels
Many diesel buses and trucks are using biodiesel. The following companies offer dedicated Natural Gas Vehicles:
Blue Bird Corp., Champion Bus Inc., Chance Coach, Inc.,Crane Carrier Co., ElDorado National, Motor Coach, New Flyer of America, North American Bus Industries, Inc., Nova Bus, Inc., Omnitrans, Orion Bus Industries, Thomas Built Trucks: Azure Dynamics, Kalmar Industries Corp., Peterbilt, Volvo Trucks North America


Hybrid Drive Systems
Allison Transmission
Azure Dynamics
BAE Systems
ISE Research

Bus companies delivering electric and hybrid buses
New Flyer


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