The Green Car Club unites owners and enthusiasts of environmentally cleaner cars.

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Join the Club! It doesn't cost anything to and it gives you the opportunity to post questions and messages for our Discussion Groups. When you register, you can choose your user preferences. For example, you can decide to keep your e-mail address confidential from other members. You can also choose your own user name. And, in the unlikely event that you decide that the Green Car Club is not of interest to you, you can easily remove your name from the members' list. Rest assured that we will not use your user name or e-mail address for any commercial purposes.

Even if you do not plan to post messages on the Discussion Groups, we urge you to sign up as a Green Car Club member. We want to build Green Car Club membership to prove that there are large numbers of people who are interested in green cars--learning more about them, promoting them, or owning them.

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