The Green Car Club unites owners and enthusiasts of environmentally cleaner cars.

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What Is a Green Car?

The following documents are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view them. Download it now from Adobe.

Economic Benefits of Green Vehicles (*.pdf)
Environmental Benefits of Green Vehicles (*.pdf)
Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Facts (*.pdf)
Green Transportation and National Security (*.pdf)
Green Vehicles Glossary of Terms (*.pdf)
Greener Vehicles on the Market Today (*.pdf)
Transportation and Climate Change (*.pdf)

Alternative Fuel Factsheets

These factsheets are included in NESEA's Cars of Tomorrow and the American Community, a high school curriculum on alternative fuels.

Battery Electric (*.pdf)
Biodiesel (*.pdf)
Ethanol (*.pdf)
Fuel Cell Electric (*.pdf)
Hybrid Electric (*.pdf)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (*.pdf)
Methanol (*.pdf)
Natural Gas (*.pdf)
Solar Electric (*.pdf)

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